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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is it a hurricane? Typhoon? Cyclone?

Hurricane - Typhoon - Cyclone.  Three terms to describe basically the same event - rapidly rotating column, spinning around a low pressure system.  There are strong winds, thunderstorms, and huge waves called storm surges.  However, the location of the storm determines its classification.

Hurricane - Storms that occur in the Atlantic Ocean, usually forming from the tropical waters near the western coast of Africa.  The most recent was Hurricane Arthur.  To track Atlantic Hurricanes, visit the National Hurricane Center.

Typhoon Neoguri - Washington Post
Typhoon - Storms that occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.  At this moment, Typhoon Neoguri is baring
down on Japan.  The Category 3 storm, downgraded from a Category 5, blew through with 97 mph winds.  More information about storms in this part of the world can be found at the  Hong Kong Observatory.

Fun Fact - Neoguri is Korean for raccoon, and is also the name of popular noodle soup.

Cyclone - Storms that occur in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.  At this time, there are no cyclones.  However, if you are interested, you can investigate further by checking out the Australian Government - Bureau of Meteorology.

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